Maquiavelo - A different wine experience

Are you the type of person who always gets away with it?

The one who always chooses wine?

The one who never forgives a good wine?

Then Maquiavelo is your wine.

Its flavor has been Machiavellian selected for everyone to enjoy.

Palates Maquiavelo is a mixture of grape sensations, ideal to accompany with any type of dish and even to be enjoyed only placidly.

Our products

Maquiavelo Viñas Selectas 2019

Viñas Selectas 2019

Maquiavelo ADN Sauvignon Blanc 2019

ADN Sauvignon Blanc 2019

Maquiavelo Crianza 2015

Crianza 2015

Maquiavelo Premium 2017

Premium 2017

Toasted reserve

Toasted reserve

Signature blonde

Signature blonde





About us

grape varieties
+ de 40000
liters of wine produced
delivery hours (Peninsula)

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